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Iron Maiden 1982-1992 vinylrip 24bit-192khz » audio music lossless
3 years18 GB05
1973- Jim Croce- Iv'e Got A Name vinylrip 24bit-192khz » audio music lossless
5 years1200 MB03
Hawkwind 6 Albums Vinylrip FLAC » audio music lossless
6 years6030 MB11
Cradle Of Filth Studio Albums(most vinylrips 24bit-192khz) » audio music lossless
6 years20 GB02
Al Di Meola Vinylrip+SACD Collection 1976-2013 » audio music lossless
6 years21 GB02
Kinks 12 albums 1964-1980 Vinylrips 24bit-96&192khz » audio music lossless
6 years14 GB02
Nektar 2 SACD-R's+ 3 Vinylrips 24-96&192 » images
6 years8711 MB31
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso » audio music lossless
6 years6198 MB11
Guess Who, The 3 SACD-R's+2 vinylrips 24bit 1968-1975 » audio music lossless
6 years11 GB31
Steppenwolf 6 albums vinylrip 24bit-192khz+1SACD » images
6 years11 GB05
Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh - Jazz Compositions 1974,76 (24bit-48kHz) » audio music lossless
8 years834 MB01
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (24bit-96kHz VinylRip Mastersound HC33453)(1975) » audio music lossless
9 years805 MB30
the mandalorian 5s, vinylrips+24bit 0s, Massive Luxury Overdose 5s, vp9 2s, title: Michael Moorcock The Cornelius Chronicles ( 2s, title: Law and Order Special Victims Unit S21E07 1s, Rita Akira 4s, title: Bob Batchelor The Bourbon King The Life and 4s, title: Joe Casey Avengers. Earth's Mightiest H 2s, FIRMWARE SGH-1527 GALAXY MEGA 4s